*6 rations are show which would be suitable for developing bulls, 3 with cottonseed hulls & 3 with ground hay. The growers are high roughage, lower energy, safer rations for starting bulls on feed or for Brahman cattle which do not tolerate high energy rations. The Performance Rations should give high rates of growth & development while maintaining some safety for percentage Brahman cattle. The Exteme Rations are high energy rations which should result in maximum daily gain, possibly too much fattening and more digestive problems especially for the ear-type cattle. The rations are expected to be self fed and it would be wise to feed a small amount of long grass hay to provide a margin of safety against acidosis, bloat and founder.

A trace mineral supplement is advised. Various feed additives can be added as needed.

Each producer will have to determine his performance goals for his cattle, the margin of safety he desires and then select the preferred ration. For some, the choice may be in between those provided, but any adjustments should be easily made from the information above.

** Soybean meal can be substituted for cottonseed meal where available.

D.B.Herd, Professor & Extension Beef Specialist-Nutrition

Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Jan, 1998