Order buyers at the local sale barn are paid to save their employer money. The only leverage the seller has is the competitive biding generated by the level of supply. The price received is the lowest common denominator factored only by pounds and visual preferences. For those that sell in this scenario, live births and weaning weights are the traits that carry the most value. A bull with high fertility and the ability to add twenty pounds to average weaning weights will offer the best return for this producer.


With the right bull, you may want to retain ownership through the feedlot and sell based on quality grade.  The advantages for the producer are many.  You get paid based the hard work invested in improving the quality of your cattle.  Custom feedlots will finance the feed costs and provide you with assistance in insuring you get the best price for your product.  In addition, you will receive valuable information about your cattle that will help you improve as well as bolster your bargaining position in future sales.  When you have proof that your cattle will grade choice and convert feed at a five to one ratio, you can demand #1 feeder prices.



Cattle sired by our Red Brangus bulls have consistently met the stringent standards required for #1 feeder cattle. They convert feed at the five to one ratio and grade choice in over seventy percent of the carcasses. Our bulls offer this without sacrificing fertility, milk, or structural integrity. We have selected for balance from the very beginning because we believe all efficiency and quality traits are equally important. The Genetic Edge we have is heat tolerance with Angus carcass quality. This is why Red Brangus is “The Tropical Choice.”